Begins a 2022 of opportunities and projects

Mónica Gil Coca, CEO of Fundación Viva

At Fundación Viva our flight is social transformation!

We believe in education, inclusion, female empowerment and care for our biodiversity as ways to achieve development. We move for the well-being of people and we dream of improving the living conditions of those who inhabit the Viva destinations that we reach as an airline.

During 2021 we made it possible and that is why we are proud of the work accomplished and the goals achieved. Just to mention a few numbers, we want to tell you that we generated a significant impact through the more than 1,000 school kits delivered and the almost five tons of books that we took to different communities in the departments of Cauca and La Guajira. ; we support 3189 Venezuelan migrants in their passage through Maicao; we rescued 11 university students who were going to drop out of their careers due to the pandemic; we strengthened the processes of more than 4.000 teenage mothers through the 360 ​​model of the Juanfe Foundation; together with our allies, we rebuilt 8 inns and 27 productive projects in Providencia; we collected 732 kilos of garbage on the beaches of Santa Marta and Córdoba and we joined as founding allies of the Animal Bank, the first bank to protect Colombia’s biodiversity.

In Peru we were also present with the donation of 200 markets for older adults in Callao, Lima, organized by the benefit concert at the Jorge Chávez airport; and we celebrate Christmas at Dinoworld with our Viva collaborators and their families.

We are on a very good path! A recharged 2022 awaits us, full of surprises and Yellow Heart Flights, so don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn as @fundacionvivaair, and on Twitter as @funda_vivaair.

Let´s fly together