Our first inclusive flight

In alliance with the Agents of Transformation foundation and the support of the Presidential Council for the Participation of Persons with Disabilities, 30 people with disabilities, including 10 wheelchair users, traveled on the same flight to Santa Marta as part of the program inclusive tourism pilot.

“We are happy to be an active part of the inclusive tourism project of the Agents of Transformation Foundation. We are convinced that there are no limitations to receive opportunities and we put the wings to make it possible. With our ‘Go Pink’ strategy we work for inclusion, landing with opportunities for everyone, regardless of physical, social, economic or cultural conditions. We hope that this is just the beginning of a great project because, without a doubt, we all fit on the same flight”, explains Mónica Gil, CEO of Fundación Viva.

For her part, Paola Ramírez, president of the Agents of Transformation Foundation, indicated that this is a program of social and labor inclusion that seeks to give people with disabilities and their caregivers not only the opportunity to travel, but also to be trained in tourism. inclusive, accessible and productive, with a view to creating the first travel agency for people with disabilities in the future.

It should be noted that normally no more than 2 wheelchairs are allowed on commercial flights due to logistical conditions, so this program indicates that Viva is once again breaking the mold and going the extra mile through its Foundation to challenge what is known and achieve that more people with disabilities can fly and enjoy tourism.

Let´s fly together