We took 28 girls and kids to NASA

At Fundación Viva we fly to NASA ✈️🚀!

Our yellow heart beats stronger every time we connect people with their dreams.

We are sure that education is the first step to provide opportunities and break cycles of poverty from early childhood. That is why we support with all the strength of our yellow heart initiatives that promote learning, mainly in populations with fewer economic resources.

On this occasion, we made the dream of 18 boys and girls come true, together with 5 of their teachers from the Paraíso de Colores Educational Center in Medellín, and we accompanied them to fly to Orlando, one of our Viva destinations, where they were invited to witness Last Saturday, October 16, the launch of Operation Lucy, live!

These children are part of the astronomy hotbed of their educational center and are more than happy to have been able to witness and learn from this historical milestone. We will continue working to promote education and so that more and more children are inspired by this type of experience and passionately choose their future career path.

Let´s fly together