Sustainability Week in Miami

We love learning more and more new things to continue transforming lives!

This time we were learning alongside great experts and entities of sustainability and biodiversity, with an academic agenda filled with topics such as:

  • Smart cities,
  • Circular economy
  • Eco-sustainability
  • Preservation of marine ecosystems
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Ecotourism
  • The role of communities in the conservation of ecosystems
  • Climate-smart agriculture
  • Reforestation with mangroves

Talks in which we understood that everything we care about needs a planet🌎.

In addition to this important day of learning, we were accompanying one of our allies from #VuelosDeCorazón 💛, Fundación Fruto Bendito, who were nominated for the ninth version of the Green Awards for the category of Human Health Development with the project that we support together: Cradles with Love.

In this gala, 2,562 incredible sustainable projects from 662 cities were presented, of which there were 54 finalists and we are proud because Cunas con Amor obtained the award that accredited it as the winner of the green award in health.

This conference, in addition to enriching us with knowledge to apply good practices in Colombia through our projects, ratified that our allies are on the right path and land with opportunities in the territory.

Let´s fly together