About us

We invite you to learn about our history, the purpose that drives us and the team that makes it possible.


Our wings

To land with opportunities.

Our destiny

We will be recognized as the first foundation of an airline in Colombia that promotes diversity and inclusion as wealth for the development of society, connecting opportunities with people who need a boost to fly higher.

Our engine

We believe in education, inclusion and biodiversity as routes to fly towards development and land with opportunities in the territory.




Since its inception in 2012, Viva has changed the rules of the game in the aviation market in Colombia. What used to be a privilege for a few is now an opportunity for millions and that has a word that defines it perfectly: inclusion.


In 2018, we also became the first and only airline in Colombia with its own foundation and this is our declaration of wanting to be a more aware and responsible company with its environment every day.


We have made great strides in this commitment to the country’s development, to inclusion and to the generation of long-term, sustainable opportunities. We join so that together we can break cycles of poverty and achieve the social, economic and environmental development of the country.


We work as a team

Let's fly together