We release sea turtles

At Fundación Viva we believe and are committed to all those actions that benefit biodiversity and the care of species, that is why we join different organizations and entities to reach the Archipelago of San Bernardo del Viento to share with the community, raise awareness and release species.

We first visit Santa Cruz del Islote, one of the most densely populated islands on earth. There we share with the community and together with them we paint a mural in the new House of Culture that is being built. We were able to share a pleasant time and learn more about their culture.

Finally, we had the opportunity to learn about the process of returning sea turtles to the ocean, since they are trapped in fishing nets and it is the fishermen themselves who approach the foundations of the sector to return them to the sea, which is the product of a previous environmental awareness work with them. On this occasion we released around 20 turtles of 3 different species🐢

Thank you Fundación Tortugas del Mar, Parmessano and Conservacion Colombia for generating a positive impact on our Viva destinations!

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