Sex education with Pepe the lizard

At Fundación Viva we believe in education as the correct way to prevent sexual violence and early pregnancies!

Within the framework of our Viva project, which we are developing hand in hand with Profamilia, we celebrate children’s month with recreational and educational activities so that boys and girls from the Jhon F. Kennedy school in Santa Marta learn to identify cases of sexual abuse in a fun way.

We achieve this through the character of Pepe lagartija from Profamilia, which represents real situations that children learn to identify in order to exercise their sexual rights and avoid situations of violence.

Luz Estela Enriques, director of the I.E. Jhon F. Kennedy affirmed: “We are happy to receive this project that brings many benefits to the student population, since it allows us to analyze the issue of sexuality from an early age. Many thanks to Fundación Viva and Profamilia for allowing us these spaces where our children enjoy and learn”

The Viva volunteers💛 were also present at the festival, supporting its logistics, sharing and learning with the students.

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