Our Viva Sin Limites students have graduated!

Our Viva Sin Limites students have graduated! 17 young people completed the process to become Yellow Heart Cabin Crew.

With the graduation of our first cohort, we successfully completed the final stage of the Viva sin Limites project, in which we grant full scholarships and maintenance to the participants. During their training at the Escuela Indoamericana in Bogotá, they completed an intensity of more than 900 hours.

Viva challenges what is known and that is why, through the foundation, it seeks to give people a boost so that they can fly even higher. Youth from Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Bolívar, Chocó and the migrant population participated in the project.

“From the Viva Foundation we are focusing all our efforts on this project, where the majority of the selected students are responsible for the sources of income in their homes, 60% of them have children as a result of teenage pregnancies and 95% of them has never had income greater than minimum wage; That is why we hope that through Viva Sin Limites we can help improve their living conditions and positively impact their realities”, commented Mónica Gil, CEO of the Viva Foundation.

With the project we transform the lives of young people not only in the academic aspect, but also in the social and labor dimension, making an agreement so that they can fly in Viva and improve their income by 130%.

“Being an inspiration to others with a history of education and decent work is showing that true revolutions exist when we all contribute and come together for a purpose.” Tatiana Vásquez pointed out. Director of Fundación Viva during the graduation ceremony.

We hope to launch a new call soon and continue landing with more opportunities.

Let´s fly together