A very Viva Christmas

For us, Christmas parties are the best way to end a year full of social projects, which is why we are known for celebrating them every year in style.


In alliance with Antioquia Presente, Mujeres In and Dr. Amparo Aguirre, we made possible the celebration of Christmas for 300 minors and their families in Leticia, Amazonas.

Thanks to a generous donation of toys by our partner Airbus and Viva collaborators, we were able to deliver 1,542 gifts to boys and girls in Medellín, Bogotá, Maicao, Guarne and Rionegro; as well as in the Tagual La Pó indigenous reservation, in Segovia.

We invite 320 boys and girls, members of different foundations, to live a very lively Christmas, with a musical event at the Pablo Tobón Uribe theater in Medellín. Many of them, from rural areas of Cauca, Valle del Cauca and Norte de Santander, traveled by plane for the first time to attend this great event based on the classic work by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Prince.


Hand in hand with our allies, Fundación A-Kasa, Corporación Sueños y Huellas and Fundación Ximena Rico Llano, we shared an afternoon full of joy, games and gifts with the children of these institutions. We celebrated this time of festivities in Peru, in the company of Viva Volunteers from the city of Lima, and we had a very special meeting with the native communities of the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers.


Hand in hand with different allies, we celebrate four end-of-year parties:


we live a day full of music, games and gifts together with 100 children and 10 families.


we join the National Police to celebrate Christmas with different communities. Together with Miss Norte de Santander, we lived a day of celebration with 700 boys and girls.


Thanks to our Viva volunteers, we shared a very special afternoon with 50 boys and girls from the village of El Tablazo, in which there was no lack of laughter, gifts and the Christmas atmosphere.


In alliance with the A-kasa Foundation, we led the initiative ‘a soup for displaced grandparents from Venezuela and Colombia’, which allowed us to brighten Christmas for 23 older adults.

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