Our first inclusive flight

In alliance with the Agents of Transformation foundation and the support of the Presidential Council for the Participation of Persons with Disabilities, 30 people with disabilities, including 10 wheelchair users, traveled on the same flight to Santa Marta as part of the program inclusive tourism pilot. “We are happy to be an active part of […]

Support to the Food Bank of Bogotá

We contribute to the purpose of Banco de Alimentos de Bogotá to eliminate hunger. Together we transport tons of food on our planes that arrive in various Colombian territories. We also contribute with the donation of a food pulper that will soon be useful to preserve fruits and vegetables for longer, know how it works […]

Humanitarian aid to San Andrés and Providencia

At Fundación Viva our hearts swell for supporting the growth of the San Andrés and Providencia archipelago, which is why we work together with different allies such as Rotaract and Antioquia present to encourage tourism, education and the well-being of its people, this has been our impact: During 2020, we accompanied the inhabitants of San […]

A very Viva Christmas

For us, Christmas parties are the best way to end a year full of social projects, which is why we are known for celebrating them every year in style. 2021 In alliance with Antioquia Presente, Mujeres In and Dr. Amparo Aguirre, we made possible the celebration of Christmas for 300 minors and their families in […]

We promote sport

At Fundación Viva we consider sport as an integral part of education and one more alternative to acquire opportunities. Together with allies such as the El Rio Foundation and the Saetas Foundation, we have sponsored sports plans for boys and girls from the Magdalena communities and donated sports supplies to promote sports such as boxing, […]

Prevention of breast cancer

With the arrival of a new pink giant to the Viva aircraft fleet, we inaugurate our annual breast cancer education and prevention campaign. In addition, we launched the Go Pink strategy, a firm commitment to paint the skies pink with messages of inclusion, diversity, equity and breast cancer prevention</ strong>. This initiative has been developing […]

Special support in times of Covid-19

The pandemic was a key and challenging moment for our Foundation, because the sky stopped for commercial flights, but we activated our planes and our people to help those who were most affected in this time of crisis and uncertainty. 190 tons of food transported 35 volunteers involved 25 Impacted Municipalities of Colombia 40,739 total […]

Cradles with love

We join the Fundación Fruto Bendito to help mothers across the country with the Cribs with Love initiative, making it possible for cribs made of thin cardboard and that are portable to fly around Colombia and land to facilitate the care and well-being of newborn babies, also delivering a basic supply of basic necessities for […]

Prosthesis delivery with Humanos 3D

The Humanos 3D Corporation designs and delivers, free of charge, personalized assistive devices for boys, girls, young people and adults who, by birth or accident, do not have their upper limbs. Together with them, we make it possible to deliver prostheses made in 3D printing in different areas of Colombia through mobile clinics, so that […]

Flights that fulfill dreams

We take different population groups to fulfill dreams and goals in Viva destinations. We make it possible for everyone to fly!: We took 23 children and teachers from the Paraíso de Colores Educational Center in Medellín to NASA to witness the launch of Operation Lucy. We joined the commitment from the heart campaign so that […]