Our first inclusive flight

In alliance with the Agents of Transformation foundation and the support of the Presidential Council for the Participation of Persons with Disabilities, 30 people with disabilities, including 10 wheelchair users, traveled on the same flight to Santa Marta as part of the program inclusive tourism pilot. “We are happy to be an active part of […]

Wings and books to fly in La Guajira

A new yellow heart flight💛 landed full of opportunities to impact nearly 18 thousand people from the municipalities of Uribia and Manaure in La Guajira. This time we arrived in alliance with ‘El Señor de los Libros’, from the La Fuerza de Las Palabras foundation to support him in his delivery of 3.5 tons of […]

Sex education with Pepe the lizard

At Fundación Viva we believe in education as the correct way to prevent sexual violence and early pregnancies! Within the framework of our Viva project, which we are developing hand in hand with Profamilia, we celebrate children’s month with recreational and educational activities so that boys and girls from the Jhon F. Kennedy school in […]

Sustainability Week in Miami

We love learning more and more new things to continue transforming lives! This time we were learning alongside great experts and entities of sustainability and biodiversity, with an academic agenda filled with topics such as: Smart cities, Circular economy Eco-sustainability Preservation of marine ecosystems Sustainable fishing Ecotourism The role of communities in the conservation of […]

Viva without limits

without In this pilot project we join together as a Foundation and an airline to strengthen education and inclusion through training for employment. Viva Sin Limites bets on transforming the lives of young people from all over the country who have always dreamed of being cabin crew and who, due to economic and social conditions, […]

Support for the 360° model of Juanfe Foundation

We know that young women and adolescents fly higher when they find education and training opportunities for decent employmentin an inclusive society that promotes gender equity and empowerment. For this reason, we joined the Juan Felipe Gómez Escobar foundation to promote personal and professional development, as well as the prevention of early and subsequent pregnancies […]

Wings and books to fly

To encourage and promote reading on board the Viva aircraft, together with Library Mouse and the Compañía de Galletas Noel we started the pilot project of Wings and Books to Fly. We brought a wide variety of books to our “Go Pink” plane, so that hundreds of travelers could be part of their stories of […]

Viva Project

In order to reduce adolescent pregnancy rates and levels of child sexual violence it is necessary to convert education programs into comprehensive strategies that promote knowledge and respect for sexual and reproductive rights in actors such as parents, caregivers and educators. This in order to guarantee its continuity in the long term. With the Viva […]

More support for Viva la Educación

Fundación Pilar y Gracia Apoyamos el proyecto Emprendiendo mis sueños, el cual tiene como objetivo que las mujeres albergadas por el ICBF en la Fundación Pilar y Gracia tengan una educación complementaria, brindándoles formación para el empleo que incluye técnicas de costura, belleza, manualidades y emprendimiento.  Terminamos el 2021 apoyando a 38 madres adolescentes y […]

Our Viva Sin Limites students have graduated!

Our Viva Sin Limites students have graduated! 17 young people completed the process to become Yellow Heart Cabin Crew. With the graduation of our first cohort, we successfully completed the final stage of the Viva sin Limites project, in which we grant full scholarships and maintenance to the participants. During their training at the Escuela […]