We release sea turtles

At Fundación Viva we believe and are committed to all those actions that benefit biodiversity and the care of species, that is why we join different organizations and entities to reach the Archipelago of San Bernardo del Viento to share with the community, raise awareness and release species. We first visit Santa Cruz del Islote, […]

We are founding allies of the Animal Bank

We reaffirm our commitment to the care of biodiversity and ecosystems, understanding that this is an essential action for the progress and prosperity of humanity. We took a big step and joined as founding allies of the Animal Bank, the first bank that supports the conservation of animals and their habitat in Colombia. This is […]

More support for Viva la Biodiversidad

Beach cleanups and species release At Fundación Viva we put wings on all actions in favor of biodiversity and care for the environment. Following this purpose, we have allied ourselves with groups such as Greensouls and BeClá, to carry out beach clean-up activities, release species, connect with nature and approach communities. in a day in […]