Prevention of breast cancer

With the arrival of a new pink giant to the Viva aircraft fleet, we inaugurate our annual breast cancer education and prevention campaign. In addition, we launched the Go Pink strategy, a firm commitment to paint the skies pink with messages of inclusion, diversity, equity and breast cancer prevention</ strong>.

  • This initiative has been developing since 2020, the year in which we linked up with Fundación alArte to deliver biosafety kits and pajamas to cancer patients in Medellín.
  • In alliance with Profamilia, we had a stand in the boarding lounges of the José María Córdova airport, Rionegro, so that a specialist could provide relevant information on breast cancer. Thus, we managed to impact approximately 1,000 people directly.
  • We carried out special activities on two flights in Colombia and two more in Peru, to raise awareness among 752 passengers about the importance of breast self-examination and mammography.
  • We celebrate the traditional Pink Daycon our Viva collaborators with a mobile clinic. In addition, we offered professional talks with a health expert in which they received information to carry out a breast self-examination.
  • In Bogotá, Barranquilla and Santa Marta, we transported a total of 40 cloth prostheses and 9 silicone ones for women with breast cancer.

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