More support for Viva la Educación

Fundación Pilar y Gracia

Apoyamos el proyecto Emprendiendo mis sueños, el cual tiene como objetivo que las mujeres albergadas por el ICBF en la Fundación Pilar y Gracia tengan una educación complementaria, brindándoles formación para el empleo que incluye técnicas de costura, belleza, manualidades y emprendimiento. 

Terminamos el 2021 apoyando a 38 madres adolescentes y a sus hijos.

We support the project Emprendiendo mis sueños, whose objective is for the women sheltered by the ICBF at the Fundación Pilar y Gracia to have a complementary education, providing them with training for employment that includes sewing techniques, beauty, crafts and entrepreneurship.

We ended 2021 supporting 38 teenage mothers and their children.

Fundación Conviventia

In 2021, through the Fundación Conviventia, we delivered 31 laptops in Barranquilla and Cartagena for the basic and secondary education of 62 students from the Dios es amor schools.

We were also one of the main allies to give the children a magical Christmas with a gift.

Fundación Ximena Rico Llano

In order for boys and girls to learn through art, scientific experimentation and teaching methods, we contributed to the Protón project of Fundación Ximena Rico Llano and directly impacted 120 children between the ages of 6 and 11; and indirectly to 240 families in Medellín.

Sponsor plan of colegios Mano Amiga

We linked up with the Sponsor Plan of the Colegio Mano Amiga in Bello and Zipaquirá to support 32 students who finished the school year and indirectly benefit 128 family members. These were some of the letters of thanks from the children:

Fundación La Fuerza de las Palabras

Together with “the lord of the books” we collected copies in Bogotá and took them to schools, peasant populations, indigenous people, and demobilized families in Maicao, La Guajira and Miranda, Cauca.

Thanks to our alliance with “the lord of the books”, we made the possibility of democratizing reading a reality with a total of 5 tons of books delivered in 2021.

Vamos Pa´lante

We joined the Vamos Pa’lante program, led by seven universities in the country, to support university students who, due to the pandemic and its economic consequences, were going to abandon their professional careers. Thanks to our contribution, 11 students received a scholarship and continued with their academic processes. A way to promote education as the engine of development!

Delivery of school kits

Cargamos los aviones Viva de insumos y oportunidades para impulsar la educación básica en zonas de poco acceso a material de estudio. Hemos entregado más de 7 mil kits escolares en instituciones educativas de San Andrés y La Guajira, Nariño y Vaupés.

We load the Viva airplanes with supplies and opportunities to promote basic education in areas with little access to study material. We have delivered more than 7,000 school kits to educational institutions in San Andrés and La Guajira, Nariño and Vaupés.

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