Flight to the Field: 36 families in Cartagena and Soledad will have their productive patio

Participantes vuelo al campo

We landed with opportunities in new destinations to promote productive projects focused on food security for vulnerable communities, the generation of economic income and care for the environment.

In alliance with the Fundación Granitos de Paz, we extended the coverage area of ​​the Patios Productivos project in Cartagena and replicated the model in Soledad, Atlántico, to promote inclusion and sustainable development through urban agriculture.

At Fundación Viva we encourage people with opportunities so that they can achieve a better quality of life. With this project they will begin their training process and in a period of 4 to 6 months they will be cultivating, harvesting and selling to transform their economic and social environments.

We want to connect the success of our airline with the development of our country and that is why we are very proud to join the Granitos de Paz Foundation to promote its Patios Productivos project in Cartagena, but also to replicate it in Soledad, Atlántico. We understand that there are families that need a little boost to power higher.

About the launch

The formal start of the project took place at the headquarters of Granitos de Paz in Cartagena, where the 16 families from Soledad selected for the process arrived. A tour of some productive patios was carried out to learn about the types of urban gardens and they enjoyed a gastronomic experience by the Mar y Zielo Restaurant, with edible flowers and a variety of shoots grown in the patios of the Olaya Herrera neighborhood.

Opportunities for social progress

“I have been with Patios Productivos for 12 years and it has been something wonderful, it has changed my life. Before, I used to work on the beaches, enslaved to the streets…Today we have something secure, a fixed salary, we work from our homes, I have time to dedicate to my house, which is already decent and which I was able to acquire thanks to the income I received. the project has generated me”, shared Yarliz Ortiz.

For his part, Jonathan Diaz, a Venezuelan migrant who is just beginning in the program, with tears in his eyes, thanked what he considered his first opportunity to get ahead with his family, two years after his arrival in the country. “This has been my greatest blessing, I have had many setbacks since I arrived in Colombia, but God always sends angels and this project arrived, this opportunity that I saw so far away (…) That they have chosen me as a Venezuelan fills me with a lot happiness and hope”.

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