Dignified conditions
for migrants
and refugees,
the focus of
Viva la Inclusión

Acuerdo Fundación Viva y Acnur

With a visit to the headquarters of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR Colombia, we formalized our alliance for the care of the Venezuelan migrant and refugee population.

On our Viva la Inclusion route, we provide timely and necessary humanitarian care through the Immediate Care Centers (CAI) for those who cross the border in the Paraguachón, Maicao area.

In addition, we seek to generate decent living conditions and formal employment for the Venezuelan population with a vocation to stay in Colombia.

Since 2021 at Fundación Viva we have been strategic allies of Acnur with the support of 8,740 Venezuelan migrants. This 2022 we continue to strengthen joint work and we also started awareness campaigns on Viva flights regarding the condition of refugees, as part of the Somos panas Colombia strategy.

“Viva through its foundation is the largest company in Colombia that makes contributions to our processes at Acnur and for that we feel deeply grateful. We hope to continue counting on this donation and the alliance for prevention of xenophobia”: Mireille Girard, representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Colombia.

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