Our first inclusive flight

In alliance with the Agents of Transformation foundation and the support of the Presidential Council for the Participation of Persons with Disabilities, 30 people with disabilities, including 10 wheelchair users, traveled on the same flight to Santa Marta as part of the program inclusive tourism pilot. “We are happy to be an active part of […]

We release sea turtles

At Fundación Viva we believe and are committed to all those actions that benefit biodiversity and the care of species, that is why we join different organizations and entities to reach the Archipelago of San Bernardo del Viento to share with the community, raise awareness and release species. We first visit Santa Cruz del Islote, […]

We received the visit of One Foundation

After our tour of Dublin in which we were learning different models of social work and visiting our greatest benefactor: One Foundation and some of its allied foundations, we had the pleasure of receiving them in Colombia. 🇨🇴 During this visit we were able to show them and explain in depth our strategic lines and […]

Wings and books to fly in La Guajira

A new yellow heart flight💛 landed full of opportunities to impact nearly 18 thousand people from the municipalities of Uribia and Manaure in La Guajira. This time we arrived in alliance with ‘El Señor de los Libros’, from the La Fuerza de Las Palabras foundation to support him in his delivery of 3.5 tons of […]

Sex education with Pepe the lizard

At Fundación Viva we believe in education as the correct way to prevent sexual violence and early pregnancies! Within the framework of our Viva project, which we are developing hand in hand with Profamilia, we celebrate children’s month with recreational and educational activities so that boys and girls from the Jhon F. Kennedy school in […]

Sustainability Week in Miami

We love learning more and more new things to continue transforming lives! This time we were learning alongside great experts and entities of sustainability and biodiversity, with an academic agenda filled with topics such as: Smart cities, Circular economy Eco-sustainability Preservation of marine ecosystems Sustainable fishing Ecotourism The role of communities in the conservation of […]

Dublin learning Tour

At Fundación Viva we don’t stop and we continue to learn from the best! We said present with an agenda full of new challenges and learning in Dublin, Ireland, where we met different foundations and social organizations to share knowledge and new practices to fly to another level✈️ First stop: FoodCloud, an organization that fights […]

Magical Christmas at the foundation

The musical play The Little Prince was an opportunity to give nearly 300 children a moment of joy, fun and surprises. We are happy to be able to enjoy Christmas 2021 together with our collaborators and allies! We begin this season of celebration with the Vivatón Navideña, in which our Viva collaborators have joined with […]

Begins a 2022 of opportunities and projects

Mónica Gil Coca, CEO of Fundación Viva At Fundación Viva our flight is social transformation! We believe in education, inclusion, female empowerment and care for our biodiversity as ways to achieve development. We move for the well-being of people and we dream of improving the living conditions of those who inhabit the Viva destinations that […]

We took 28 girls and kids to NASA

At Fundación Viva we fly to NASA ✈️🚀! Our yellow heart beats stronger every time we connect people with their dreams. We are sure that education is the first step to provide opportunities and break cycles of poverty from early childhood. That is why we support with all the strength of our yellow heart initiatives […]