We are founding allies of the Animal Bank

We reaffirm our commitment to the care of biodiversity and ecosystems, understanding that this is an essential action for the progress and prosperity of humanity. We took a big step and joined as founding allies of the Animal Bank, the first bank that supports the conservation of animals and their habitat in Colombia. This is a non-profit initiative, led by Portafolio Verde, the consulting firm for sustainable development that seeks to manage resources that are destined for the design, structuring, and development of projects that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

Our impact

20 organizations that work for fauna were strengthened. 16.000 hectares, of which 4,000 have already been positively impacted with the planting of 3.000 native trees, are part of the newly formed portfolio of lands with a purpose. More than 200.000 people were sensitized with talks, workshops, virtual trips, among other strategies.

Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora Los Flamencos

We strengthened the ecotourism processes of the indigenous communities present in the “Los Flamencos” fauna and flora sanctuary as a conservation and economic development strategy, thus impacting 20 families, who have been trained in sustainable tourism practices and have managed to improve their income, taking care of your environment.

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